The War Memorial

  • In memory of 25 fallen soldiers
  • In memory of those who served within the original church membership
  • Feature stained glass window
  • Designed by Robert Anning Bell

The People

  • Established  4 March 1909
  • Originally Paisley Pentecostal Church
  • 40 original members

The Architect

  • William Daniel McLennan
  • Born in Paisley
  • Art Nouveau style
Life Groups


  built in 1907, established in 1909

The Building

  • Sanctuary
  • Back Hall
  • Jessie Rennie Room
  • Choir Room
  • Vestry

The Organ

  • Built by Norman & Beard Ltd
  • Voiced by a founding partner
  • Still in original condition


The members now occupying St Matthew’s formed in 1909, but moved to this building in 1988.  Its several premises have always been close to St Matthew’s; as it moved from building to building it approached ever closer.  The building had been loved by the previous members and was for the most part in original condition.  Instead of tackling the many small, necessary repairs required, however, plans were put in hand to completely restore the building.  Phase I was completed in 1990 with phases II and III following in 1992.

St Matthew's building bears comparison with Mackintosh's Queen's Cross Church in Glasgow. The Herald has stated that St Matthews even ‘…out-Mackintoshes the much-cherished church that Charlie built…’ and some consider it to be the most significant Art Nouveau church design in Europe.

About Us

  built in 1907, established in 1909